Our full-time ministry staff!

The staff of His House Christian Fellowship are passionate about the Gospel and college students.  We desire to model lives that are dedicated to following Christ and making Him known to those around us and to be actively involved in the lives of college students on our campuses!

 Administrative Staff:

Gary Hawes, Acting Executive Director, garyh@hhcf.org

Sally Keisling, Director of Resources, sally@hhcf.org

Michelle DiCesare, Advancement Assistant, michelle@hhcf.org

Tarah Eitrem, Office Assistant, tarah@hhcf.org

Emily Veltri, International Student Ministry, emily@hhcf.org

 Campus Staff:

Central Michigan University

Josh Chaffin, Campus Minister, joshua@hhcf.org

Lauren Sherman, lauren@hhcf.org

Kelsey Butzu, cmu@hhcf.org

Eastern Michigan University

Eric Hammond, Campus Minister, eric@hhcf.org

David Morch, davidm1128@msn.com

Ferris State University

Mitch Robey, Campus Minister, mitch@hhcf.org

Baleigh Johnson, baleigh@hhcf.org

Joe Hogoboom, joe@hhcf.org

Kate Hogoboom, kate@hhcf.org

Grand Valley State University

Scott Crary, Campus Minister, skcrary@gmail.com

Lake Superior State University

Matt Monroe, Campus Minister, monroe@hhcf.org

Adam Steinhauer, adam@hhcf.org

Jessy Stark, jessy@hhcf.org

 Michigan State University

Brad Hawes, Campus Minister, brad@hhcf.org

Derek DiCesare, dicesare.derek@gmail.com

Kevin Briere, kevin@hhcf.org

Michigan Technological University

Scott Austin, Campus Minister, hishouse@mtu.edu

Northern Michigan University

Pete Elenbaas, Campus Minister, pelebaas@gmail.com

Northwestern Michigan College

Pat Hill, Campus Minister, patrick.ryan.hill@gmail.com

Saginaw Valley State University

Troy Andreasen, Campus Minister, hishouse@mac.com

Heather Andreasen, heather0948@yahoo.com

University of Michigan

Eric Hammond, Campus Minister, eric@hhcf.org

Western Michigan University

Ben Andrews, Campus Minister, wmu@hhcf.org

Trevor Ellison, ellisontle@gmail.com

Shannon Haynie, haynie.shannon@gmail.com