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We appreciate all help & contributions!

Your gift can be a special contribution, or you can commit to a recurring donation. Recurring donations make our jobs a little easier as they allow us to plan and budget accordingly.

By giving a special gift, or signing up for monthly contributions, you are investing in the lives of college students all across Michigan. Your gift is what makes ministry possible, and will shape and change someone’s life for eternity. You are investing directly in the lives of students who will go on to impact the world in hundreds of different careers and ministries around the world.

If you’re already a current supporter of the ministry or one of our staff and need to update your information, please click here.

4 Good Reasons to Give

1. Every single contribution makes a difference.
Even a small donation will help us to minister to students on campus and much, much more! 100% of your donation will go towards helping students and paying expenses.
2. Your donation has a long-term impact.
By providing for this ministry, you are making a personal and rewarding investment. One that creates the largest possible impact in the life of a student by empowering them to begin living eternally today.
3. His House’s transparency policy.
As a donor, you have the right to know where your gift is going. We are completely transparent, allowing you to be certain that your gift is going exactly where you intended.
4. All gifts are tax-deductible.It’s a win-win-win!


SVSU Student being baptized

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