After 50 years of ministering on campus, we have learned that Campus Ministry remains the same, even as it changes.  Two of the constants we recognize are that ministry receives little to no help or encouragement from the university, and our goal remains the same: to love students into the arms of Jesus.  But, there are new gods stalking the campus, seeking whom they may devour.

Students these days are isolated from one another and put their trust in their phones and social media.  We depend on God for our message and seek your prayers and financial support in order to break through students’ shell of digital protection.

The Easter season provides us with an excellent opportunity to initiate conversations with lonely students about Jesus being resurrected from the dead.  At this time of year, most of us have memories of our most meaningful Easter.  Here is mine:

Forty-six Easter Sundays ago, students met in  the chilly pre-dawn darkness outside the MSU  campus house.  They came to be part of our first ever outdoor “Sonrise Service.”  From the house, we walked almost two miles to the center of campus, dragging a fourteen-foot, heavy wooden cross.  We arrived at Beal Garden just as the sun was about to peek over the eastern horizon.  At the end of the service, I offered to the group of 100 people gathered there, an invitation to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.  Five responded and were immediately baptized in the Red Cedar River.  It was certainly a mountain-top experience for His House Christian Fellowship.

There have been 4,267 such mountain-top experiences over the last 50 years, one for each of the students who have accepted Christ and been baptized during five decades of Campus Ministry.  Many of you have been an important part of ministering on twelve Michigan campuses.  Your prayers, student referrals, and generous financial support have literally changed thousands of lives.

Now is the time we can change even more students’ lives!  Your generous Easter gift now will be a great help in launching our newest evangelism initiative.  Furthermore, you can be a vital part of the ministry of His House by contributing to our 50th Anniversary goal of $100,000, as we share the Gospel with more students this anniversary year and beyond!

On campus with Christ,

Gary L. Hawes
Acting Executive Director

P.S.  Your gift now, during this Easter season, will allow us to reach even more students for Christ!