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About Us

Prior to 1969, the only outreach to university students in Michigan was attempts by local churches near a campus to include students in their programs.  Michigan State University students brought the need to the attention of the elders at the University Christian Church in East Lansing.  These men of vision formed a state-wide steering committee which led to the formation of the first campus ministry at MSU.

Gary Hawes was called to be the first campus minister in 1969.  Now, forty plus years later, God has used Gary’s passion and energy to grow this ministry from one campus to eleven campuses, with over 35 full-time campus staff, interns, and administrative staff.  The growth is even more spectacular when one considers that only fifteen students were involved in 1969.  Currently, there are more than fifteen hundred students involved in some part of the ministry.  Today, God has blessed the ministry with fifteen campus houses for students, two church buildings and one office building that are all used daily.

Students have a great capacity for commitment and an abundance of energy to make a difference for Christ.  With spiritual input, they catch the vision for investing the rest of their lives in furthering the Kingdom.  On each campus, we have at least one campus minister who is committed to ministering to students and their needs.  That is why we are here.  We provide a ministry for students, a home away from home, and Christian friends to both encourage and challenge students to grow in Christ.  We urgently share Christ with students in those years between leaving home and making their mark in the world.

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