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2017 Summer Appeal


Nasim (name changed to protect his identity) came to a Michigan university three years ago from a Middle Eastern country to study to find a cure for thyroid cancer.  For Nasim, it’s personal—his mother suffers from thyroid cancer.  Even though it may appear that his path seems set, Nasim recently had a conversation with his campus minister that caused him to question his purpose. “I don’t really know why I’m here!” he revealed.  Our campus minister promptly responded, “Nasim, I know why you’re here!” and he shared the Gospel with him.  Nasim is studying not only to find a cure for thyroid cancer, but he is also now studying the Bible to learn more about God.  He is still wrestling with making a decision to follow Christ.  In the midst of his studies to find life for another, he is searching out life for himself.  Praise God for an opportunity to share Jesus with students like Nasim!

For 33,848 international students in the state of Michigan, who come to study at our universities, imagine how they feel: frightened, lonely, lost.  What would it take to reach out to internationals on our campuses?  With God’s help and yours, we think we can more effectively reach internationals.  Would you consider being a part of a special summer gift of $33,848 towards reaching more students including internationals on twelve Michigan campuses?

There are many more like Nasim on our campuses.  The ministry of His House Christian Fellowship exists to introduce students to a Savior who gives ultimate purpose!  We have an opportunity to share Jesus Christ and allow the Holy Spirit to transform lives while building a relationship with internationals.  Many of them will return to their home country taking the Gospel message of Christ with them—often to places that are not open to American Christians.

This summer as we celebrate the freedom that America provides, would you consider those that do not know our culture or our customs, but more importantly our Savior?  Would you give a generous gift today to help us in our outreach to students who are studying on our campuses?  Each dollar that you give by July 31 will allow us an opportunity to reach one more student on campus!

Sharing Christ on campus,


John Gute

Executive Director

P.S. Would you be a part of reaching 33,847 more international students, like Nasim, with a gift today?

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